A support system in your pocket.

Change is a normal part of life, but not everyone has a safety net to fall back on when things takes an unexpected turn. The time when we need help the most is most often the time when we have the least recources to ask for it, let alone coordinate with multiple family members and friends. Kindfull is here to help you, your friends, and your family to stay connected, supported, and informed.

Do you worry about your loved one?

When a person near and dear to your heart faces an illness or another new situation in life, it’s hard not to be worried and apprehensive. You’re not alone. In the Kindfull app allows you to connect and discuss with others in a similar situation. With Kindfull, It’s easy to build a circle of help for the person you’re worried about and make sure they can reach out to someone at all times.

Are you concerned about an elderly person in your life?

When your own parents grow older, the mutual feeling of closeness is important even if you live out of town or in a different state. The Kindfull app  makes it easy to arrange help for a loved one no matter how far away they live. You can form care circles with loved ones to make staying in touch and taking care of them easy. Talking to others who share similar worries and finding trustworthy information can also help you feel more confident and prepared.

Do you need support with everyday life?

When your own time and resources aren’t enough to keep up with family life, it’s okay to seek for outside help. Finding support is especially important when a family faces a crisis, such as a serious illness or accident. In the Kindfull app you can find others going through similar issues and connect with them. You can also create circles of love to easily ask for and offer help with simple chores, be it buying groceries or picking up kids from school.

Respect. Privacy. Honesty.

Kindfull is built on active communities that have the willingness to keep everyone involved instead of leaving individuals alone in their time of need. Since Kindfull is meant to be a safe and inclusive space for anyone who wishes to share their personal experiences with other Kindfull users, we wish you would follow these community standards.

Find others with similar experiences.

Safe peer discussions in the Kindfull App

Do you have a story to share or a question to ask? The Kindfull forum is the perfect place for that! Anyone can start a new discussion thread and moderate it themselves. The threads will be visible to everyone and if a new discussion thread about your interest is created, you will be notified

Build circles of trust within your community.

Trustworthy circles to learn and share

Staying in touch with your friends and family becomes more important than ever when it feels like things are going downhill. In Kindfull you can create different circles to make your own peer support group with other users or to keep your own loved ones up to date with everything. You have the option to create circles for yourself, your community, or even a loved one you wish to help, such as an elderly parent or an unwell neighbor. You can request or offer help and make updates easily and privately within your circles.

Have easy access to the resources you need.

Themes to ease the use

Themes are a unique way to collect all the information about your worries and interests into handy little packages. You can create a theme around anything; a person in your life, A personal health concern, or a specific situation in someone’s life. Once you create a theme you can quickly find recent news, interesting discussions, general information, helpful services and circles related to the topics of your theme all in one place.

Hand picked services at your fingertips

As our community grows bigger and even better, volunteers, organisations, and local service providers can offer their help to our users as well. You can also find different organisations to support you when you’re faced with new challenges and ordeals. If you’re already a member of an organisation, ask them about Kindfull to find out if you can find your membership perks and services in the app.

What the users have said

Kindfull user

"Even if your family is supportive, only someone who has gone through the illness themselves can truly understand how excruciating it is to be drowned in your own thoughts in the middle of the night and there’s no-one who understands. Kindfull makes it possible to receive peer support anywhere and anytime.”

Kindfull user

“All peer support is welcome and empowering. Sharing worries with someone often halves the anxiety.”

Kindfull user

"The possibility to receive peer support anonymously and safely is extremely important to me”